Press Release: Flemish energy research joins forces


Brussels - On the 10th of March, Ghent University (GreenBridge, UGent-SET) and EnergyVille (KULeuven, VITO, imec) have presented the force of cooperation in the field of energy research, in the presence of Flemish Minister for Energy, Annemie Turtelboom.

This overview was achieved thanks to the collaboration of these two institutions of Ghent and Genk. ‘Together, they want to 'feed' the energy policy at the Flemish and European level’, was the message of Prof. Ronnie Belmans CEO EnergyVille.

The 2 institutions also endorse the government's initiative to speed up the energy policy in Flanders: ‘We need to re-create renewable energy into a positive story. Within the project “Stroomversnelling” we will form the basis of a new energy landscape. This will also boost our economy and employment.’

‘In supporting Flanders to be a leading knowledge region in renewable energy, it is important that we understand each other in order to efficiently respond to the questions and needs of the companies. In short, we want to maximize the impact of our research activities.’, said Jeroen De Maeyer, business developer of UGent-SET. 'This day is the first step to get the academic and industrial world acquainted with our work and to (continue the) work together. We want to face the challenges side by side instead of competing against each other.'

UGent SET and GreenBridge

The energy activities of Ghent University are mainly organized around 2 axes. UGent-SET groups the industrial relevance of technological energy research at Ghent University and focuses on the commercialization of research at Ghent University spin-offs, licenses and especially industrial cooperation. GreenBridge complements these activities by acting as a science park of Ghent University in Ostend, with an incubator and an associated demonstration function.

The focus is on wind energy, blue energy, energy efficiency in industry and in built environments.


EnergyVille unites research groups from KULeuven, VITO and imec for research into renewable energy and intelligent energy. The researchers provide expertise to industry and governments in the area of intelligent energy systems in the urban environment. EnergyVille brings together research, development, training and industrial innovation together under one name, in close cooperation with local, regional and international partners.

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Dr. ir. Jeroen De Maeyer
Business Development Manager UGent-SET

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