Wind Energy - iconWind Energy

Our main activities relate to:
  • FEM & FSI of blades and blade monitoring
  • condition monitoring
  • electrical generator design
  • grid connection & integration
  • scour protection
  • Small Wind Turbine Field Lab
  • wind emulator

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    Blue Energy - iconOcean Energy

    We are involved in several projects related to:

    • wave energy converter concepts
    • floating body behaviour
    • wave impact simulation
    • wave farm simulation
    • PTO design, simulation and grid connection
    • energy resource analysis: technical and economic potential of wave & tidal energy
    • wave emulator

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      Energy Efficiency in Industry - icon Energy Efficiency in Industry

      We are studying:

      • design, evaluation & control of electromechanical drive train components and systems
      • waste heat recovery systems & HEX
      • thermal storage components
      • internal combustion engines
      • energy management in industry

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        Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment - iconEnergy Efficiency in the Built Environment

        Buildings and the local grid are a key element in the energy transition. This requires:

        • performance prediction & evaluation
        • heat, air and moisture transport
        • HVAC systems
        • micro-grids incl. test lab
        • power quality of low & medium voltage grids
        • solar concentrators & smart windows

        … and as such we try to assist in providing the technology for the smart grids and cities of the future.

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        Within Ghent University, complementary energy research activities are being performed. In addition, SET focuses on the technological aspects of Sustainable Energy Technologies.

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