Salary and financial topics

Ghent University harbours different categories of staff (tenured academic staff, staff with UGent contract, project staff etc.). Subject to your specific category, different regulations on salary or scholarship, holiday pay, end-of-year bonus and insurance packages may apply.

This information is only applicable to staff members on the university payroll

  • Salaries are paid to all staff around the last working day of the month, unless this falls on a weekend or bank holiday when the pay day will be brought forward
  • In order to get paid you have to provide your bank details. International staff should be aware of possible payment delays and/or additional expenses (when transferring money to non-EMU bank accounts)
  • Your holiday pay can amount to 92% of the gross salary (based on April or June). The end-of-year bonus amounts to between 53% and 59% of the salary of (in most cases) November. The amount of both bonuses depend on your grade.
  • Postdoctoral scholarship owners don't receive an end-of-year bonus
  • Salary scales
  • Eco vouchers