Psychosocial welfare of staff

Ghent University wants to offer its employees a work environment with a positive atmosphere and maximum opportunities for development, where the 'dare to think' motto is put into practice and stimulated.

That is why we are engaged in the development and implementation of a psychosocial welfare, aimed at recognizing potential causes of psychosocial stress of working as quickly as possible. We especially focus on unwanted and unacceptable behavior such as bullying, violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Therefore, Ghent University proceeded to the appointment of two central confidential persons within the Department of Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work. From their independent and neutral position, these counselors will lend a listening ear, give advice and support in finding a constructive solution to any problems of a psychosocial nature to each employee. They work very closely with the external prevention psychosocial aspects.

You can reach them using the details below:

Sara Drieghe
Central confidential person
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
9000 Gent
tel. 0471 99 44 67

Evy Grootvriendt
External prevention psychosocial aspects
Grotesteenweg – Noord 9
9052 Zwijnaarde
tel. 09 264 12 30