Task description and evaluation for professorial staff

Task description

At the start of a new academic year the new task description is prepared in Apollo for all members of the appointed and temporary professorial staff, who are appointed at the Ghent University for at least 4 months.

Visiting professors needn’t fill out a task description.

Activity report and evaluation form

The regular evaluation for professorial staff relates to the way the staff member has fulfilled his tasks during the evaluation period. The evaluations are performed by the faculty evaluation committee, which has been composed by the Faculty Board.

The evaluation committee evaluates the professorial staff based on the task description and the activity report. The department chair and the evaluee are informed by the committee’s decision.

A new activity report is prepared in Apollo during the academic year during which the member of the professorial staff needs to be evaluated. Consequently an evaluation form is prepared. This form is made accessible to the director of studies

Appeal procedure

Should the evaluee disagree with a unfavorable evaluation, he can start an appeal procedure through a formal request to the Vice-chancellor. An appeals committee will rule on the evaluation result.