Juggling scientific, economic and social impact: Making choices or keeping the balance?

This closing event was followed by a unique network reception with plenty of opportunities for meeting fellow Ghent University postdocs! Take a look at the photo album.

The following theme was treated: today postdocs are expected to excel in research, but also to make an economic and societal impact. But how to make a big impact? Do I need to strategically choose for one type of impact or try to balance different engagements? How are different types of impact weighed against each other? How to make my impact visible and how much time can I spend at “’selling” myself?

Notes postdoc debat dec. 9, 2014


Six of Ghent University's high fliers with diverse backgrounds shared their own experiences and thoughts in an interactive debate.

A short welcome was given by Ghent University Postdoc Community President Kim Heylen.

The introduction was presented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Freddy Mortier, followed by the Interactive debate professionally moderated by Greet Riebbels, Communication director at the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) and former Vice-Chair of the Ghent University Board of Governors. Panel members were:

  • Marcel Brass, Full Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology;
  • Nico Callewaert, Full Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Director of VIB Department of Medical Protein Research;
  • Rik Coolsaet, Full Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Sciences, Member of the European Network of experts on Radicalisation, Senior Associate Fellow at Egmont Institute (Royal Institute of International Relations);
  • Jan de Maeseneer, Full Professor at the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, Secretary-General of “Towards Unity for Health”;
  • Jo Vandesompele, Full Professor at the Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, Founder of Biogazelle;
  • Veronique Van Speybroeck, Full Professor at the Department of Applied Physics, Co-founder of the interfaculty Center for Molecular Modelling.