How to increase your scientific impact

How to get published in top journals, how to get an ERC-grant, or how to make sure you get cited?

What else contributes to your scientific impact?

And how do you spin your scientific impact in academic and non-academic job applications?

Following up on the first “Postdocs on Tour” on economic impact, this second workshop focused on increasing your scientific impact: on Monday, 13 October, from 12 to 15 o’clock, four experts shared how they made their scientific impact, what challenges they faced along the way, and how they think scientific impact relates to economic and social impact:

  • Frederik Anseel, Associate Professor at the Dept of Personnel Management, Work and Organizational Psychology: holder of the Securex Chair “Working in the 21st century: Creating business results through a personalized organization”, extensive services for companies and very active on twitter
  • Annemieke Madder, Associate Professor at the Dept of Organic Chemistry: member and panel chair of the ERC Starting Grant peer review panels
  • Jan Tavernier, Full Professor at the Department of Biochemistry: group Leader at VIB Department of Medical Protein Research, holder of Methusalem grant and advanced ERC grant, 23 patent applications
  • Peter Van Nuffelen, Professor at the Dept of History: holder of an ERC-grant, winner of several scientific awards, formerly lecturer in the U.K.



Cartoon how to increase your scientific impact