How to increase your societal impact

Third Postdoc on Tour on societal impact

Increasingly, funding agencies expect scholars to engage in society. How can you increase your societal impact?

The following four experts shared their own experiences and thoughts on science communication, active contributing to public services and outreach:

  • Nicolas Bouteca, doctor-assistant at the Department of Political Science (PS03), political analyst, regular appearances in media and active on Twitter;
  • Esther De Smet, Research Department (CA20), Senior Research Policy Advisor, aka @ResearchUGent;
  • Sarne De Vliegher, Associate Professor at the Department of obstetrics, reproduction and herd health (DI08), head of the M-team providing advice to veterinarians and farmers, and President of the Flemish Veterinary Statutory Body;
  • Katrien Strubbe, Associate Professor at the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (WE06), Initiator of “Doe-Chemie centrum”;

After a short plenary session, you had the opportunity to directly discuss your own challenges and ideas concerning societal impact with each expert during four consecutive round tables!

This Postdoc on Tour took place on November 24th, 12-14h at Seminariezaal 2 of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Harelbekestraat 72, 9000 Ghent).



Notes of event How to increase your societal impact