Failure in Academia? Demystifying failure and moving beyond

Failure is inevitable, both in academia or outside of it. Papers get rejected, grant applications fail, job applications do not lead to interviews or job offers. Well, it means we tried!
And while failure may be ubiquitous in academia, talking about failure is not as much.

What we see on people’s web pages, lists of publications and CVs are their successes; things that went well. However, only a few people present their failures openly (and even if they do, it often happens only after they succeeded in securing a position). This persistent image of "success only" is problematic because it is not accurate and it may lead to the feeling “I am a failure” or “I am an impostor”, instead of “this particular paper/grant/job application failed, but I can learn something from it”.

We want to break the silence

On 6 March  (14:30-17:00) we will come together to (1) demystify what failure is, how many of us experience it (and how often), (2) discuss what to do about it, as individuals and community, and (3) enjoy coffee and cakes.

We will do this together with:

  • Lieve van Hoof – Co-founder and former President of the UGent Postdoc Community, co-president of the Jonge Academie, professor at the Department of History, UGent;
  • Bram Doolaege – founding partner of Streetwize, trainer for UGent (including creativity and resilience), former researcher in behavioural and communication sciences at UGent.

Come and join us in sharing and learning from failures! 

Register by 28 February (23:59) here.


Time: 6 March, 14:30-17:00

Place: Sint-Pietersabdij