Opening Event 2017

Tuesday 17 October, De Krook (Blauwe Vogel room), 16-18

Like every year, the Postdoc Community has welcomed the new postdocs of Ghent University with an opening event dedicated specially to them.

Our new president, Aza Jalalvand, has presented the the Postdoc Community to the newcomers. Aza stresses the importance of taking their professional career into their own hands from day one. The participants were shown how the Postdoc Community can help them in that.

Likewise, Inge Vanheule (Department of Personnel and Organisation) has gone through the multiple offers of the programme Postdoc Talent Management (trainings, mentorning, tailored career coaching). She encourages the new postdocs not to miss such a privileged chance of professional and personal development

Last but not least, the event was enriched not only by the presence but also by a speech of our new rector, Prof. Dr. Rik Van De Walle. He addressed the postdocs as an invaluable resource for the University. He also sees them as talented professionals with a wide array of opportunities in front of them, inside as much as outside academia.

During the reception that followed the talks, the participants got the chance to talk in person to

  • The rector
  • Some of the faculty deans
    • Herwig Dejonghe, Faculty of Science
    • Piet Hoebeke, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Herwig Reynaert, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
    • Patrick Van Kenhove, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • The director of the Research Department (Ignace Lemahieu)
  • The director of the Department of Personnel and Organisation (Hugo De Vreese).