Policy initiative: excellence in the humanities, social and behavioural sciences

Four incentives targeted specifically at these faculties intend to strengthen research quality and research strategy, taking into account the idiosyncrasies of research in the ‘soft sciences’:

  1. Sabbatical leave for at least 1 out of 3 professors in the next five years
  2. Three extra BOF-Tenure track positions for each faculty
  3. Appointing research coordinators at postdoc level to strengthen a number of research consortia
  4. A peer review evaluation of research by an international panel of experts

These measures apply only to the faculties of Law and Criminology, Arts and Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration, Psychology and Educational Sciences, and Political and Social Sciences.


The sabbatical leaves and the appointments of extra tenure track positions are organized by the faculties.

For the research consortia and the appointment of a coordinator a call within the Special Research Fund was launched in 2012.

Peer review evaluations

Peer review evaluations are coordinated by the Research Department in collaboration with the faculties, according to a schedule that is finetuned with each of the faculties involved.