PhD Wizard

Use of the wizard is conditional
: the candidate must possess a non-Benelux degree, sufficient funds to start his/her research at Ghent University, and have the explicit agreement of a PhD supervisor of Ghent University.

What are the principal differences with the regular procedure?

  • The PhD supervisor of Ghent University initiates the procedure
  • The faculty decisions on academic admittance and approval of the PhD topic itself are combined and no longer taken one after the other
  • Best case scenario there is a simultaneous assessment of the file both on faculty as well as central level
  • The process happens mostly electronically

Tips before use

(1) If you're a first time user of the PhD Wizard please contact for access rights.
(2) The PhD Wizard is only accessible from the Ghent University domain (incl. VPN).

Just an aid - no complete automation

The wizard is just an aid to help along and better attune the separate processes (at central as well as faculty level). It does not replace the official approval but offers assistance during the administrative red tape of the admission and registration procedure. Neither does the wizard offer automatic tracking of the file.


Make sure you have the most important identification data on your candidate handy (e.g. date of birth, title of diploma etc.). The data is only saved when the wizard has been completely run through.


Visa requirements and more importantly the acquirement of the necessary documents may have a big impact on the throughput time here at Ghent University. We therefore recommend a thorough check of the visa requirements before starting the procedure.

Candidates from China also have to apply for an APS screening (before applying for a visa). Note: the screening has been simplified for holders of a CSC grant.

Registration of the candidate via PhD Wizard

  • The wizard is only offered in Dutch, although communication with the candidate is in English. The English users' manual is currently being updated.
  • You will be asked to log in with your UGent account - this way the automatically generated e-mail will be sent to your address. At the same time, the application will check whether you entitled to act as PhD supervisor.
  • Once completed, you will receive an automatic e-mail with clear guidelines on how to proceed. The candidate receives an e-mail inviting him/her to start up the application procedure with an application form attached. A notification e-mail to central and faculty administration containing a summary of the input.

The Wizard can also be used by a proxy. If this person has not already been registered as such, please contact Dieter Lemaitre.