Admission as a PhD candidate

This information is only applicable for candidates registered by their supervisor via the PhD Wizard.

Application via the application form

To apply at Ghent University, you have to meet the diploma and language requirements to enrol for the doctoral programme. Your UGent PhD supervisor believes that you meet these requirements.

Application form

The application form cannot be downloaded from the website: the form (in .pdf) is sent by e-mail after your PhD supervisor has registered your data via the PhD Wizard.

Only fill out the assigned sections (A, B, C, ...), as requested in your registration e-mail.

When you send back your application package to, be sure to send a copy to your PhD supervisor ànd faculty contact (ad indicated in the e-mail).

More information on how to fill out the application form.

Legalisation of the diploma

Along with the application form, candidates are also required to present a legalised copy of their diploma at the moment of enrolment. The diploma and its transcripts must be translated by a sworn translator into either Dutch, French, German or English, if they were drafted up in any other language.

More information on legalising documents.


Applying at UGent is free of charge. Unlike what is very common at universities, you do not need to pay an application fee before your application is considered. More information on the tuition fees.

Admission granted?

Behind-the-scenes (administrative) steps

  1. The International Admission Desk assesses your application, based on the submitted documents. The desk checks whether you meet the general admission requirements for that programme and if all the required documents are submitted.
  2. Your PhD supervisor will present your application to his/her Dean, who will assess the academic quality and suitability of your application.
  3. The Faculty Board will formally notify the Rector of his/her decision and will return your file to the International Admissions Desk.
  4. The International Admissions Desk will inform you of the decision by sending you (both by e-mail and by post) an official letter, signed by the Rector. When accepted, this is called a letter of admission.

Letter of Admission

A letter of admission is in fact a provisional proof of enrolment. It states that Ghent University has accepted you as a doctoral student and invites you to enrol for the coming academic year.

Moreover, a letter of admission for a doctoral programme is valid not just for the coming academic year but for all years to come. However, your grant or scholarship usually is not.

Candidates needing an entry visa, will need to present this letter of admission at the Belgian consular post in their home country.

Enrolment as a student

All doctoral candidates are expected to enrol as a PhD student and for the Doctoral Training Programme.

Remember: you need to bring your original and/or legalised documents, not the scanned versions you used for the application procedure.

When you first enrol for a PhD study, you will also be asked to register at one of the five Doctoral Schools. Registering at one of the Doctoral Schools gives you the opportunity to participate in courses, workshops and other activities organised by your (or another) Doctoral School.

A tuition fee is due at the time of the first enrolment and at the time of defense.

You are required to re-enrol as a Ph.D. student every academic year, until you have completed your PhD. Re-enrolment is free of charge.

All details on PhD enrolment

Joint PhD

Joint PhD contracts can be established from the start of the PhD degree if a research student has the intention to carry out doctoral research at more than one institution for a considerable length of time, and with a supervisor in each of the institutions.

More information on Joint PhD

Registration as an employee

If you are requested to fill in section E of the application form, signing an employment agreement or UGent PhD scholarship agreement at the Personnel Department is usually mandatory. In that case, Ghent University pays your monthly salary.

They will have prepared this agreement by the time you arrive in Ghent and contact you or your PhD supervisor about when you can come and sign.

All information for UGent PhD scholarship recipients can be found on the specific webpages.

Top tips

  • Make sure you know whether you will be needing an entry visa...
  • You are legally obliged to have a health insurance during your stay in Belgium (for you and your family members staying in Belgium). Read up on insurance.
  • Any changes in your contact details should be communicated to immediately.

More information

We look forward to welcoming you at Ghent University and wish you the best of luck with your doctoral research!