Admittance to the university premises

Badges and keys

Access to university premises is granted by using a special badge. Make sure the department where you will be working supplies you with keys for the appropriate building(s) and office(s).

Access to university buildings after office hours

All members of the academic and research staff are allowed entrance to university building after office hours on the basis of an application via the Access Control Office. Students have to get permission from their Dean's office.


University employees are not automatically entitled to free parking spaces. There are a limited amount of University car parks for which the demand for parking far outweighs the available space. For this reason, parking has to be strictly controlled.

Parking during office hours

If a staff member wants to regularly park his car on faculty premises, he needs to get the Dean's permission.

Parking after office hours (incl. university holidays)

Staff members who apply for a badge (on the basis of a car number plate), can also request access to certain UGent parkings after office hours, e.g. parking Rectorate building and parking sports building complex (GUSB).

Bicycle sheds

Sint-Pieters Station

To encourage our staff to travel to work by train, we provide free places in the secured bike shed of Max Mobiel (at the back of the main station). You can also use this shed in case of work-related travel (e.g. meeting in Brussels, etc.).

Sporadic users are welcome between 7.15 am till 6.45 pm; for regular users the shed is open non-stop (providing a once-only registration). More information on the Dutch website.

UGent bike sheds

Many UGent sites offer secured bike sheds for their staff, in addition to the public (covered) bike sheds for students. Get a key at your departement.

All questions and remarks pertaining to bike sheds: