University badges

University identification cards

There are many different types of card:

Type of cardFor whom?Contact
Student card (incl. student exchange card) identifying you as a student registered (in case of exchange) or enrolled (in case of degree-seeking) at Ghent University - with the exception of people enrolled via exam contract
UGent card identifying you as part of the UGent staff (ATP, ZAP, AAP, OAP, UGent PhD scholarship recipients, certain visiting professors, certain external scholarship recipients)
Access card UGent facilities can be applied for by UCT students, UZ staff, retired UGent staff members, Vlerick School, granting them access to the UGent restaurants and sports facilities
Alumni benefits card can be applied for by UGent alumni, granting them access to the UGent restaurants, sports facilities and library and certain other benefits
Visitors' pass issued to visitors spending a short stay (max. 90 days) under the supervision of a UGent promoter, granting them access to the UGent restaurants, sports facilities, library and certain buildings (they may also apply for a UGent account) (applied for by department via
Other badges e.g. parking pass, Facility Department card

All cards have a different appearance (electronic pass, photo, barcode), period of validity (specific period, 3 years, 5 years), application/replacement procedure and contact.

Loss of a UGent card

Several Ghent University services supply students and staff with access and/or ID cards. Therefore, replacing lost cards takes some effort.

  • Student ID card: You can request a duplicate by sending an email to . Please mention your full name, your student number, your current address and the study programme that you are enrolled for. An administrative cost will be charged. You will need to come and collect the card in person and pay by bankcard. No cost will be charged if you can present an official police declaration that your card was stolen, or in case of an faulty card.
  • Access and Parking pass: report the loss or theft of the card asap to . The card will be immediately blocked. You will have to pay a fee for a new card.