Travel to and from work

Reimbursement of work-related travel expenses

Ghent University encourages their staff to travel by public transportation or bike. The University has therefore introduced a cycle kilometer allowance for regular cyclists. It also reimburses season tickets for public transportation.


Bicycle rent and repair

Getting to and around Ghent can be a particular challenge for University's many employees. Out of respect for the environment UGent promotes sustainable mobility. One way of contributing to a cleaner and greener Ghent, you can use a bicycle as your main mode of transportation.


Carpool Database

The University has subscribed to Carpool Plaza (part of Taxistop), an electronic car sharing database. University staff are able to register as users/members and search for car sharing partners. The service is free to staff. The website ( is only available in Dutch.


Cambio Car Sharing

The cars of the car sharing organisation Cambio are available at several central locations in Ghent and can be borrowed after reservation.

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Access to bike sheds, parkings and buildings

Access to university premises is granted by using a special badge. Make sure the department where you will be working supplies you with keys for the appropriate building(s), bike shed(s) and office(s).

Also, know that parking near a Ghent University building cannot be taken for granted.