Quetelet seminar

27-02-2020 from 14:00 to 15:00
faculty board meeting room: room 40.02, S2, Campus Sterre
Jan De Neve
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Quetelet seminar: Big Data and the End of Epidemiology by dr. Patrick Bossuyt (Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Amsterdam)


The arrival of Big Data, in combination with the rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, has encouraged some analysts to announce the end of theory and the demise of the traditional scientific method. By implication, that would be the end of epidemiology and biostatistics as we know it. In the Petabyte era, we are now able to analyze data without hypotheses about what it might show. In this presentation, we will analyze the birth and the development of “Big Data”. We will also study recent obituaries for “Big Data”, and what they imply. From there we analyze the claim that the traditional scientific methods have reached their limits and explore the implications of these developments for the practice, future and training in epidemiology and biostatistics.