Bart Jacobs obtains PhD in Statistical Data Analysis

(05-09-2017) Bart Jacobs defends PhD on Digital PCR Quantification

On September 5th Bart Jacobs defended his PhD in Statistical Data Analysis at the faculty of Science titled: "Confronting bias and precision in digital PCR Quantification"

We congratulate Bart and his promotors Els Goetghebeur and Lieven Clement!

Nucleic acid (NA) sequences such as DNA are often used in the life sciences, e.g. for identifying and characterising infections, cancer and genetic defects in the field of medicine, or quantifying and detecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or harmful allergens in food and feed. Digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) is an increasingly popular technique to detect or estimate the concentration of such a target NA sequences in a sample. Nevertheless, like all technologies, dPCR is subject to known sources of error and variation that may drastically affect the results. Bart Jacobs has focused in his research on the impact of various aspects of a typical dPCR workflow on the reported concentration estimates. His work has resulted in a probabilistic model that can help users with the interpretation of their results while providing some level of quality control.