Professor Emeritus Luc Taerwe

emeritus (large view)


(05-09-2018) Celebration of Professor Emeritus Luc Taerwe on September 29th.

As of 1 October 2018, Luc Taerwe, head of the department of Structural Engineering, director of the Magnel Laboratory, Ghent University and for many years secretary of the Center for Statistics, will retire. Because of his significant impact on department, faculty and university, the department will not send him for retirement without due recognition. On Monday 24 September 2018,  the department will organize an academic celebration of his retirement, starting at 17:30 in the Aula of Ghent University. Before the academic celebration, Prof. Taerwe will give a technical presentation, at 16:00 also in the Aula. The events will be followed by a reception. Registration to follow this tribute is possible until September 5th. The program will be entirely held in Dutch.