Christophe Ley


The research field of Christophe Ley is mathematical statistics, more precisely the development of new methodology to deal with the increasingly complex modern data sets. To reach these goals he combines theoretical mathematics with computer-based simulations. More precisely, his research output spans over flexible modeling (devising the best-fitting probability distribution for a given data set), efficient semi-parametric inference (estimation and hypothesis testing), directional statistics (the data are directions and their supports are non-linear manifolds, which requires a special treatment as the classical statistical tools can no longer be used), high-dimensional statistics (very large data sets require adapted statistical procedures as the mathematics change),  Stein's Method (a powerful approach to provide sharp bounds on probability metrics between distributions), Bayesian inference, outlier detection, information theory and inter-disciplinary work, where he is particularly interested in sport statistics, psychological, financial and meteorological applications. For instance, in sport statistics he is developing improved ranking and prediction methods in football (domestic leagues and national teams) and table tennis. To this date Christophe has written 1 book, edited 1 book, published 37 papers and 4 contributions to encyclopedias, given 64 talks at seminars, conferences and workshops, organized 14 scientific conferences and a summer school during 6 years.



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