Safety Measures Practicals

Crucial practicals can take place on campus under strict adherence of the safety measuresGroups must consist of no more than max. 50 students.

The following safety measures apply:

1. Study Programmes in Health Science:

2. For all other study programmes the number of on-campus contact hours will be limited by focusing on essential competencies in combination with interactive online teaching. The number, frequency and duration of practicals must be limited wherever possible.

  • Mouth caps are no alternative for physical distancing. 
  • Students are not allowed to physically work together with the same object, on the same experiment, test set-up, … . They are assigned (sub)tasks which they can perform by themselves. Only if sharing specific equipment is crucial to attaining essential competencies a rotation system can be set up. In such cases, the equipment is disinfected between users and after every use.
  • Practicals must not exceed a maximum duration of 4 hours (this equals the max. continuous wear time of a mouth cap).

Please contact in case the above guidelines are unclear, or in case further support is needed.