Grants for traineeship in Asia - ASEM Work Placement Programme

Coronavirus – international mobility
For the time being, none of Ghent University's students gets permission to travel abroad within the framework of their studies next academic year. An approved exchange application, an accepted nomination by a host institution, a positive signal from an internship organisation or the granting of a scholarship are all conditional for the time being.
In concrete terms: only at the moment when the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs gives a positive travel advice for the destination country/region, one might be given the green light to depart. However, this green light will only be given if all of the following conditions are met as well:
  • There are no entry restrictions for the country/region of destination.
  • There are no longer any known restrictions in force in the country/region of destination that seriously impede daily life there as a student/trainee.
  • The host university or organisation is willing and able to host students/trainees again and can offer full-fledged academic activities that guarantee compliance with the Learning Agreement for studies/for traineeship. The decision on this is taken at faculty level (Faculty Committee on Internationalisation).
Permissions to travel abroad within the framework of studies will be taken on the Belgian level, country by country, institution by institution and de facto almost student by student, and all of this on a monthly basis. At the latest every first Monday of the month, a decision will be taken on this matter for the departures scheduled for the following month (e.g. on Monday 1 June, the decision will be taken for all departures in the month of July). The departure date mentioned in Oasis will always be taken as a starting point.
Do not incur any expenses for your transport, accommodation, etc. for the time being. A possible scholarship is only guaranteed when a final green light to leave, is given. Moreover, the temporary exit ban also means that all costs incurred in the period prior to this final green light are not eligible for reimbursement.

In the framework of the ASEM WPP, students from Flemish higher education institutions can apply for financial support from the Flemish Government, for traineeship (work placement)  in either Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia or Thailand.

The ASEM WPPP aims at promoting the exchange of talent between Europe and Asia within the ASEM education process.

Grant amount: 650 € / month + travel allowance: 1 100 € (max.)

Eligibility criteria for students from Flemish Higher Education Institutions:

  • You are a full time student (bachelor, master or subsequent master level / EQF-level 5,6,7) enrolled at a Belgian (Flemish) higher education institution, having completed at least one year of higher education (= 60 credits). Application is open to all disciplines and nationalities.
  • Before you send in your application, your intended traineeship is recognized by the home university as an integral mandatory and credit related part of your study.
  • Traineeship duration: min. 1 month – max. 6 months, taking place in the course of the academic year 2019-2020.
  • A sound level of the English language is required, to be certified by either a(n)
    • IELTS test  (overall band score of min. 6)
    • TOEFL test (min. total score of 80)
    • Certificate in Advanced English (CEA- B2 level)
    • a similar result in another official English language test, recognized by the home institution.
  • The traineeship must be framed in an individual traineeship agreement signed by the home institution, the receiving institution/organization/company in the host country (host institution) and the trainee. The ASEM WPP traineeship agreement will automatically be generated in the course of the online application.

How to apply

First check the faculty criteria for exchange abroad. Second: the consent of your UGent-traineeship mentor is needed to initiate your online application via the Dept. International Relations, after arrangements have been made with the receiving organization / company.


  • Start of the online application period in the view of traineeships taking place in the course of 2019-2020: 12 November, 2019.
    The grant approval is based on the ‘first come, first served’ principle, until the end of the budget.
  • Applications from candidates residing in the participating host countries during the application period are non-eligible. Nor are incomplete application files.
  • The grant cannot be combined with other scholarships from the Flemish Government or VLIR-UOS.

More information

General eligibility criteria

Implementation guidelines

VLUHR secretariat

phone: +32 2 792 55 19

UGent contact person
Dept. International Relations

phone  +32 9 264 70 13