UGent Account and e-mail address

The Ghent University e-mail address (usually is the official medium of communication.

You are required to read e-mails sent to your Ghent University e-mail address (Education and Examination Code art. 22).

The confirmation of your (re-)enrolment and your tuition fee invoice will be sent to this e-mail address.

According to the type of contract

Diploma contract and credit contract

Each student who has taken up a diploma or credit contract, or has been registered as a guest student, will receive a Ghent University account and e-mail address. The account gives access to:

  • Minerva: electronic learning environment
  • Intranet
  • Applications on the intranet (OASIS, Athena, ...)
  • Internet

The account is valid for the duration of the enrolment and expires on 15 October of  the following academic year.

Exam contract

A student who has taken up an exam contract can obtain a Ghent University account, provided that a non-refundable amount of € 200 is paid for educational support facilities, next to the tuition fee.

The account will give access to Minerva for the course unit(s) enrolled for.

Exchange students

After registration, incoming exchange students will also be given a Ghent University account

Username and password

Username and password are delivered the day after enrolment.

Registering on Minerva

You need to register on Minerva for each course unit in your curriculum.

The lecturer-in-charge can refuse access to the site of the course unit, if you are not enrolled for a contract which includes the course unit.

You also need to register for relevant information sites available on Minerva.

You are obliged to consult these on a regular basis and information provided to you with regards to course units in your curriculum, are considered to have been publicised to valid effect.

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