Ufora for students

Ufora knowledge clip : Welcome to Ufora!

Ufora for all students from the start of academic year 2019-2020

From the start of academic year 2019-2020 all educational programmes of UGent will start using Ufora, the new online learning environment of UGent. Ufora is the successor of the previous learning environment Minerva. Ufora offers teachers a broad range of opportunities to make interactive learning possible, for example by using video and the creation of personal learning paths.

Availability of courses

Two weeks before the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, all courses with the exception of the Global Campus courses will be accessible via http://ufora.ugent.be. Individual teachers can decide to publicise their courses before this date. If a certain course is not automatically available, this could be due to to a non-finalised oasis enrolment. In that case you can temporarily enrol yourself as a visitor of the course through the Ufora menu > ‘Enrol in course’ in the Ufora home page toolbar.

Navigating in Ufora

Ufora homepage

UforaStudents Screenshots 1.png

  1. Ufora menu - In this menu you can navigate to your courses. You will also see notifications and you can change your personal information and preferences. 
  2. Ufora Toolbar - This toolbar contains a range of useful links.
  3. Announcements - You will find the general announcements in this section.
  4. My courses - An overview of all of your courses.
  5. Calendar - You can find all of your deadlines for different courses in this calendar.
  6.  Office365 - This menu contains your Office365 files
  7.  Infosites - This menu contains your Infosites

Course homepage

UforaStudents Screenshots 2.png

  1. Ufora menu - In this menu you can navigate to your courses. You will also see notifications and you can change your personal information and preferences.
  2. Course menu - You can navigate within the course through this section.
  3. Announcements - You will find the course specific announcements here.
  4. Calendar - This is a course specific calendar with deadlines for assignements, tests, …

Course toolbar

UforaStudents Screenshots 3.png

  1. Courses - You can find all of your Ufora courses here. 
  2.  Messages/Notifications - New notifications will show up here (indicated with an orange dot)
  3.  Personal settings - You can change your personal settings and preferences here (for example: preferences about e-mail notifications).
  4. My Ufora - Click here to return to the Ufora homepage.
  5.  Content - Here you will find the courses’ content with all the learning materials.
  6.  Calendar - The course specific calendar with different deadlines
  7.  Announcements - The course specific announcements.
  8.  Groups - Here you can find your group(s) as well as subscribe to groups in case it is self-subscription
  9.  Other tools - Here you can find the classlist, assignments, quizzes, scores, discussions 

Configuration of Ufora

Setting notifications

Activate your notifications for various activities, such as announcements, to receive an e-mail:

  •  Click on your name and then on ‘Notifications’
  • Select the different activities for which you want to receive an email.

UforaStudents Screenshots 4.png

UforaStudents Screenshots 5.png

Setting font size

Change the font size of the website to match your personal preference: 

  • Click on your name and then on ‘Account Settings’
  • Select the fontsize and click on ‘Save and close’.


Ufora font size 2

Setting bookmarks

Create bookmarks to have a quick view at important content of the course. Navigate to ‘Content’ within the course. And choose the documents you want to add to your bookmarks: 

1. Click on the bookmark-icon next to the document. You will get a notification that the content has been added to your bookmarks.
Ufora bookmarks 1

2. Click on ‘Bookmarks’.

Ufora bookmarks 2

3. You can find all of your bookmarks in here:

Ufora bookmarks 3