Teaching in the 2020-2021 academic year: Blend@UGent

One of our main objectives for teaching at Ghent University in the 2020-21 year is building our Ghent-based community, meeting as much as possible on campus in Ghent and Kortrijk, and supplemented by online education.

Of course this approach goes hand in hand with ensuring everyone's safety and continuing to offer high quality education.

On campus: interactive activities

In 2020-21, the focus at Ghent University is on active learning, with a well-thought-out and carefully coordinated mix of on-campus and online education.

What does that mean?

  • In code yellow and orange a lot of classes can take place on campus, in smaller groups, in larger auditoria, spread over the week... Many subjects will use a rotation system, with one group taking lessons on campus while the other follows online. Some subjects will also follow the flipped classroom approach, whereby students are asked to prepare online in advance of an on-campus activity. For example, you might work through an online 'learning path' or prepare exercises before your on-campus session. As a result, on-campus lessons can mainly be used to go deeper into the curriculum, practice skills, ask questions and work together.
  • In AY 20-21 all teaching activities are streamed and recorded. This means that all lecturers are streamed and recorded. Practicals, tutorials or exercises are streamed and recorded if possible, and if there is a clear added value.
  • Practice sessions, labs, exercises and seminars are a very important part of the course for students. They also offer the chance to interact with fellow students and teachers. Therefore, we will do everything possible to enable all necessary practice sessions, labs, exercises, seminars, etc. to be held on campus. Of course, in doing so we will always follow the health regulations. This means that group sizes will be adjusted and face masks have to be worn.
  • All research for bachelor's and master's programmes will go on as planned, as far as possible, of course while following all health guidelines. If your research cannot be completed in a safe way then your supervisor will work with you to see how you can readjust your research for your master's dissertation. It is important that you can still graduate as planned.
  • If you made an application for an exchange and your trip was approved to carry out research abroad for your master's dissertation, you must get explicit permission before departure.
  • For many of you, your internship is an important part of your studies, and we want to make sure that it can go ahead. At the same time, your health and safety are very important. If the internship cannot be done in a safe way – for example, because the internship provider cannot guarantee that safety guidelines will be followed – another solution will be found as soon as possible. It is also possible to organise internships based on telework or alternative internship assignments. Remote internships can also be considered as full-fledged internships. For those who had an exchange request approved for a foreign internship, you must get explicit permission before departure.

Online classes

For online classes, you will follow the interactive lessons at your own computer. You can do this:

You will receive a fixed timetable with information about both on-campus and online educational activities. This timetable provides you with a clear structure to plan and organise your studies.

As far as possible, you should follow online lessons while they are being streamed, and not wait to watch the recordings later.

Most teachers will work with a virtual classroom where you can also ask questions online and interact with the teacher. You should make the most of this opportunity.

  • For large groups (up to 1000 students) teachers will teach online via Zoom.
  • For smaller groups (up to 150 students), teachers can teach lessons via Bongo.
  • Online communication for groupwork will happen via MS Teams. All students and staff also have access to Office 365.
  • Lecture captures in 2020-2021: Information for students en FAQ


Manuals for students

- Zoom: manual and instructions

- Bongo Virtual Classroom: instructions


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