Exchanges 2020-2021 in Corona time

Will I be able to go abroad on exchange (e.g. Erasmus)?

Although Ghent University wants to facilitate as many high-quality exchanges as possible we decided beginning of November to cancel all study exchanges for the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021 (there is an exemption for mobility in the context of joint programmes).

Exchanges in the context of a traineeship or field work/research are not cancelled collectively but might be impossible because of restrictions imposed by your faculty, the Belgian authorities, other countries or universities; research centres and placements.

Training at Ghent University will also focus on alternative forms of internationalisation of their education, e.g. through so-called internationalisation@home and "virtual mobility". Virtual mobility facilitates attending courses online from our partner universities abroad. In this way, we want to continue to offer you opportunities to acquire international and intercultural competences.

Who decides whether I can go on exchange?

Admission for mobility in the context of traineeships and field work/research is granted by your faculty (academic conditions) and Team Actueel (travel restrictions).

You will only be given the green light to leave once the conditions below have been met:

- There is no negative travel advice from the Belgian Authorities (code red) and entry ban for the country/region/city of your destination;

- There are no restrictive measures that seriously impede daily life in your host country;

- Your host university or organisation has an academic offer in which physical presence on the spot offers added value.

An admission to leave for  an exchange will therefore take place country by country, institution by institution and student by student. Each faculty/programme may also decide jointly for its students not to allow the exchanges to take place.

If you study in the framework of a UGent Joint/double degree programme specific rules apply. Please contact the coordinator of your programme.

When will I know whether I am allowed to leave on exchange?

Students with an exchange for study received an email about the cancellation of their mobility beginning of November.  

For (clinical) traineeships and research, the situation is reviewed every month and you will receive a message at the latest on the first Monday of the month prior to your departure whether your exchange can take place (e.g. on Monday 1 March 2021 the decision will be taken for all departures in the month of April 2021). The departure date mentioned in Oasis will always be used as a starting point. A first step is, of course, the faculty approval you received/will receive as a student via your exchange application in OASIS.

In the admission final?

The admission can always be withdrawn until the day of departure if the circumstances still change (e.g. travel advice). The faculty will work with you to find a solution for your specific situation.

Is the refusal final?

Yes. Leaving later is not an option and the decision is final.

What if the situation (e.g. colour code of the country) changes at the time I am already staying there or if the host institution/traineeship only has an online/tel work offer?

The faculty and UGent will closely monitor your stay and the situation in your host country/region/city together with you. Naturally, you can always call on advice and assistance from UGent.

Ghent University always has the right to make it compulsory for exceptional students who are abroad to return. 

Can I already arrange practical matters such as accommodation, transport....?

For the time being, we advise you not to incur any expenses for transport, accommodation, etc. prior to formal admission. After all, your scholarship, if any, will only be guaranteed when you are given the green light to leave. Costs incurred in the period prior to this admission are not eligible for reimbursement in the event of cancellation of the exchange.

What should I do to keep my exchange as safe as possible?

It is up to each country to decide on the measures to combat the coronary pandemic. In addition to the measures you are used to in Belgium and at UGent, it is important to follow the local measures and the rules of your host institution. Inform yourself about this in advance via, for example, the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs. Here you will also find information about possible obligations with regard to testing and quarantine. Keep this in mind and leave earlier if necessary.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact

Be sure to read the various step-by-step plans