Workshop: Autogenous vaccines and their role in animal health strategy

25-09-2017 09:00 to 26-09-2017 17:00
Het Pand, Ghent
Sven Arnouts
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PROVAXS organises an international wrkshop on Autogenous vaccines and their role in animal health strategy

In the last years the use of autogenous vaccines has increased significantly. The reasons are manifold:
reduction of antibiotics, non-availability of licensed vaccines, reactivity to some genetic evolution of the
pathogen, presence of a large variety of antigens in the field not covered by licensed vaccines, either in
general or for a certain species.

The production and control of these autogenous vaccines is not under European regulation but national
ones with different levels of requirements including the pharmacovigilance system.
At the same time, the production and use of autogenous vaccines has evolved from strictly national
production and use to a cross border approach: isolates are sent to manufacturers in another EU member
state. Moreover, autogenous vaccines are used in epidemiological links, which describes vaccination of
young animals using antigens that are isolated from sites where they will be housed at older age. The
current legislation does not cover this situation.

Variable national regulations, multi national organisation of the supply and absence of clear definitions of
use lead to uncertainty and confusion in the field as well as to questions on the quality and safety of the
autogenous vaccines used in farms.

The purpose of this conference is to start from an overview on the current situation and needs from the
perspective of regulators, scientists, manufacturers and the end-user (veterinarians). The main focus will
be on food producing animals, including fish. Further, proposals will be presented for a harmonized
approach which will lead to a better understanding of the rational for the intended use, better knowledge
on the nature of isolates and improved production and quality of the final products. In addition, advanced
techniques and methods will be presented and discussed to identify and propagate isolates, to upgrade
production and to quickly estimate safety and even efficacy of autogenous vaccines by in vitro methods.
Recommendations will be drafted on how to improve the EU-legislation and communication between the
EU-Member States on autogenous vaccines and on ways to increase transparency on quality and safety of
the vaccines.

The meeting is sponsored jointly by the University of Gent-PROVAXS, Belgium and IABS-EU
(International Alliance for Biological Standardization for Europe). Lyon, France. IABS-EU is the
European Affiliate of IABS (International Alliance for Biological Standardization).