14-07-2021 Job Offer Business Developer Crime & Security
13-07-2021 eTheRNA immunotherapies and Ghent University Announce mRNA Delivery Collaboration and License Agreement
08-07-2021 Job offer Business Developer Feed - Food - Health
08-07-2021 'It’s important to look at innovation in a realistic way'
08-07-2021 Bringing research to life with advice & funding
08-07-2021 Azalea Vision closes EUR 8 million Series A to develop a smart contact lens for light sensitivity and ocular disorders
06-07-2021 Circular toilet in Ghent recycles urine of visitors
05-07-2021 New target in sepsis research yields 2 million euros for drug development
22-06-2021 Ghent University spin-off AM-Team wins prestigious Water Innovation Europe Award
04-06-2021 New resources for RheaVita
11-06-2021 2 million euros for innovative therapy in the fight against acute leukemia
18-05-2021 Partnership anchors chocolate research & development in Belgium
06-05-2021 Accelerating innovation at the speed of light with Luceda Photonics
05-05-2021 First application of breakthrough Qpinch technology at commercial scale
05-05-2021 Five Flemish universities collaborate to ensure optimal transfer of top talent to the business community
01-04-2021 ‘Entrepreneurship is a process you can learn’
04-02-2021 Ghent University in Fifth Place in European Ranking of Digital Scale-Ups
04-02-2021 Eight New Ghent University Spin-Offs Founded in 2020
21-08-2020 IOF platforms
05-11-2019 Research Brought to Life (2)