Ghent University spin-off AM-Team wins prestigious Water Innovation Europe Award

(22-06-2021) With their revolutionary computer model Amozone, AM Team can predict how drug residues can be removed from wastewater and thus convert wastewater into drinking water.

The young Ghent University spin-off AM-TEAM, a global player in the field of 3D simulations for water, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, has won their first Water Innovation Europe Award with their Amozone computer model, in the important category ' Digital Water'. Based on their computer model, they can predict how drug residues can be removed from wastewater, and thus convert wastewater into drinking water. “This is a wonderful award for our team, partners and customers. This really puts us in the international spotlight, allowing us to give the transition to water reuse an extra boost,' says Wim Audenaert, CEO & co-founder of AM-TEAM.WIE AM-TEAM.PNG

An invisible challenge

For four years, the Ghent University spin-off, in collaboration with partners in the US and Europe, worked on their revolutionary computer model. “These drug residues may be invisible, but they must be removed before treated wastewater flows into rivers or before we reuse it, whether or not for human consumption. And that presented some challenges. On the one hand, there are many different such substances in wastewater, which means that you have to focus on many different parameters. On the other hand, the concentrations are very low. You can compare these concentrations to a pinch of sugar in an Olympic swimming pool, which makes analysis very expensive and complex,' explains Wim Audenaert. 'Three years ago, specialists did not believe that we would be able to solve this challenge. More than three years later, thanks to teamwork, the right skills, passion and vision, we have been able to achieve the impossible: water reuse is a fact.'

With the new 'Amozone' computer model, it is now relatively easy to predict how they can be removed for hundreds of such drug residues. This also saves water treatment stations a lot of money, time and energy. “This model teaches them so much about what is in the water. With the AM-TEAM computer model we can play with settings or test changes in water quality, while in practice such things can never even be tested. We don't even have to go there for this,' explains Wim Audenaert.

Converting wastewater into drinking water is the solution for the future

The 'Amozone' model is now being used in some large projects in the US and Europe. In the American projects, wastewater is converted into drinking water. This trend is now also starting in Europe. “We expect that our 'Amozone' model will play a very important role in the transition to water reuse. In Belgium, too, we will be reusing water on a large scale over the next ten years. Just think of our water scarcity and low groundwater tables in recent years. Stopping the discharge of treated wastewater, but converting it into drinking water or water for industry can solve many problems. This mind shift will have a major impact on Europe, because these projects serve as examples and inspire the entire industry,' Wim Audenaert specifies.

About Water Europe

Water Europe was founded by the European Commission to stimulate and accelerate innovation in the European water sector. Every year, this organization presents the prestigious Water Innovation Europe Awards to reward the most impactful innovations.


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