EU funding for ambitious 3D printing project Grade2XL

(05-02-2020) Progressive 3D printing project of Ghent University will lead to products of superior quality.

Grade2XL is a €10 million project funded under the H2020 programme of the European Union and is scheduled to kick-off in March 2020. This advanced 3D printing project will demonstrate the potential of wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) for large structures consisting of multiple materials and will lead to products with superior quality and performance. Instead of cutting out complex structures from a large block of material, the products gets manufactured layer by layer according to a process very similar to traditional welding. This will cut lead times by up to 96% and enable massive savings for the maritime, energy and industrial machinery sectors. For that reason, the 3D printing process has the potential to become ‘the next big thing’ in metal industry, since a large number of European SMEs in the metals field will be able to significantly optimize their production processes through this technique.

Grade2XL will be coordinated by the Dutch Materials Innovation Institute M2i. A total of 21 top innovators in the WAAM field from eight European countries, encompassing academic and industrial partners, will tackle the ambitious goals of the project. Ghent University is a structural partner in this innovative project through the Metals and Composites industrial research platforms and the research teams of Prof. Wim Van Paepegem and Prof. Leo Kestens.

As of 1 March 2020, more information can be found on