BARC and Biogazelle announce collaboration for advanced genetic testing in clinical trials

(16-01-2018) Biogazelle joins the pool of expert laboratories of Bio Analytical Research Corporation, the global central laboratory division of Cerba HealthCare

Bio Analytical Research Corporation (BARC), the global central laboratory division of Cerba HealthCare, has announced that Biogazelle will join the pool of expert laboratories they consistently collaborate with.

BARC is a harmonized network of clinical laboratories present on five continents. For the past several years, BARC has regularly expanded its collaborations with expert clinical R&D partners. This ongoing expansion allows BARC and its customers an easy access to state-of-the-art technologies and expert advice, ranging from solid tissue work to flow cytometry or genetics in this case.

Ghent University spin-off Biogazelle offers expert laboratory services in nucleic acid quantification (gene expression, mutation and copy number analysis) to support its customers in their development of diagnostics and therapeutics. Customized workflows for clinically relevant samples – from liquid biopsies to fixed tissues – are available. In addition, Biogazelle’s advanced RNA biomarker development program offers an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker panel discovery (including liquid biopsies) to the development of a PCR-based molecular diagnostic test. Biogazelle also serves as a specialty lab in the field of clinical trials and in routine diagnostic settings.