Ghent faces the challenges in cancer treatment

(26-10-2016) Tree partner organizations have launched the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG). The platform unites 300 researchers from Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital and Flemish life sciences research institute VIB.

Together, the Ghent-based partners want to face the challenges in treating cancer. CRIG comprises more than 50 cancer research teams and has designated concrete objectives in gathering research and collaborating with clinical and industrial partners.

A main goal is to encourage multidisciplinary work and the sharing of expertise, technology and platforms. CRIG should also result in added value of research and provide advanced teaching and career coaching. It is an additional way to cement the reputation of Ghent as a hotspot of top cancer research.

The new cancer institute focuses mainly on research which, in cooperation with the clinic and the industry, should lead to longer and better survival. The ultimate CRIG dream is that cancer becomes a treatable disease for everyone.