Female entrepreneurship in the spotlight

(08-03-2020) Female entrepreneurs at Ghent University. Who are they? With International Women's Day in mind, it is high time to celebrate them!

In the men's bastion that the deep tech startup sector still is today, they have to stand their ground. And yet the number of female entrepreneurs is growing steadily at Ghent University. With both a female CEO, Kim De Nolf, and chairman, Sofie Baeten, the recently established UGent spin-off QustomDot is the last in the row to prove that the tide is turning. The last five years, six women have taken the lead in running UGent spin-offs: Hilde Windels at AntelopeDX, An Van Den Bulcke at Avroxa, Danae Delbeke at Indigo Medical, Els Beirnaert at Aelin Therapeutics, Isabel Vercauteren at Alphea.Bio and Sofie Piepers at Mexcellence.


Sofie Baeten, managing partner of Qbic, one of the largest interuniversity spin-off funds in Europe, and chairman of the Executive Board of QustomDot confirms: “Even in our files, which are typically based on a strong scientific basis, we see more and more women are taking the step to entrepreneurship. We can only applaud that.” Keep up the good work!


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