New project type: IOF-EQUIP for equipment or devices in the context of innovative applied research


Equipment or devices are at the centre of this call. In this respect, this new project type distinguishes itself from the regular IOF project types. An applied research project needs to be described that should allow for economic impact and industrial contract revenue.

Through this call, equipment or devices can be requested from the Industrial Research Fund (IOF), where the maximum contribution from the IOF is 112,500 euro (VAT incl.) per project and the minimum contribution is 25,000 euro (minimum amount imposed through the IOF Decision). The minimum duration of such a project is 1 year, the maximum duration is 2 years.

The participating research group(s) must provide co-financing of at least 25% of the total budget requested.  This co-financing must come from revenue from industrial collaborations.

For the time being, this is a one-off call, the outcome of which will be evaluated.


Project applications can be submitted to . The application documents will then be made available.
We will then schedule an intake interview to which the stakeholders involved (ZAP/researchers, IOF Business Developer if relevant, UGent TechTransfer) will be invited.

Download the call document