Job offer Business Developer Feed - Food - Health

(08-07-2021) Within the domains of animal nutrition, nutrition and health, Ghent University is looking for a new business developer. Setting up industrial collaborations, concluding licenses and creating spin-offs are the core of these activities.

Research as an engine of innovation

food2knowResearch is the engine of Ghent University. Researchers are encouraged to explore and push boundaries. UGent Business Developers play a central role in this. They bring scientists together for each area of ​​expertise and guide them in the commercialization of innovative knowledge and technology. Together with a central technology transfer service, they form the link between the academic and industrial world.

From farm to fork

Food2Know, the business development center for animal nutrition, nutrition and health, is a central point of contact for industry, government and other stakeholders related to animal nutrition, nutrition and health.

'Food2Know brings together the scientific expertise of 40 research groups and covers the entire process from fork to fork: from laboratories that work on the relationship between the composition of animal feeds and meat or fish quality, through preservation and packaging techniques, the structural structure of foodstuffs , the relationship between food and health in humans and animals to the study of consumer behavior and perception,' says Professor Koen Dewettinck, supervisor coordinator of Food2Know.

Affiliated research groups cover animal nutrition, nutrition & health-related expertise at 6 faculties of Ghent University (Bioscience Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Letters and Philosophy and Sciences), as well as groups of the Hogeschool Gent, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel , the University of Antwerp and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO). With this broad expertise as the backbone of the business consortium, Food2Know guarantees qualitative research and advice.