Visit us at the TTO Flanders booth on Knowledge for Growth 2017

(17-05-2017) On Knowledge for Growth 2017, UGent TechTransfer will present intelligent food packaging technology.

Since the beginning of the current millennium, food packaging innovation activities have gradually expanded toward the development of intelligent food packaging systems to solve safety and quality issues through the supply chain and reduce product losses. Intelligent food packaging offers the prospect of providing users with reliable and correct information on food quality, packaging integrity and storage conditions.

Within the context of the Flemish CheckPack-project, researchers at Ghent University, KULeuven, VUB, and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen now enter a final stage in the development a new optical sensor that monitors spoilage in food products and detects package leakages. The sensor can be integrated in food packages and ‘smells’ the quality status of the food product. This happens through adsorption of volatile biomarkers, released during spoilage, on selective materials which are coated on the sensor surface. When the spoilage indicators interact with the selective materials, the optical properties of these materials change. This change is a measure for the quality status of the food product and can be read out via light through a kind of barcode scanner.

In time, these type of sensors could replace expiry dates on food packages and thus prevent that consumers throw away food that is still suitable for consumption.

Dr. ir. Mike Vanderroost
Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Food Preservation


Visit us on the TTO Flanders booth 58-59, on 17 May 2017