Ostend Science Park brings together marine and maritime research and companies from the blue economy.

(28-02-2020) Ostend Science Park was launched on 27 February 2020. This science park, an initiative of Ghent University, POM West Flanders and Port of Ostend, wants to attract companies that are active in the blue economy.

On the site of more than 16 hectares, companies can use the necessary test facilities and know-how to develop new high-end products and services linked to the blue economy. This location has been home to Bluebridge for many years, formerly known as GreenBridge. Bluebridge remains an incubator, but also becomes the headquarters of Ostend Science Park and the place where Ghent University strengthens and further expands the research component.

Ghent University partner of Ostend Science Park

Ghent University believes in blue growth as a social investment in the future. The university is at the world top in everything that has to do with marine and maritime research. The collaboration between Ghent University, POM West Flanders and the Port in Ostend is unique.

Rik Van de Walle, rector: “Collaborating with Ostend Science Park means that you will be included in the Ghent University network. We are active around the world; by joining Ostend Science Park you gain access to that worldwide network. But there's more. You also get access to our research infrastructure. To our labs. To our test infrastructure. And to our people. Young people, experienced people, handsome minds, driven researchers from a whole range of scientific fields - from biology to engineering sciences, from veterinary medicine to food technology.

Marine and maritime ambitions

Ghent University is the only Flemish university that has direct access to the sea and is therefore the ideal knowledge institution to collaborate on everything related to marine and maritime research.

Rik Van de Walle, rector: “We want collaborate better with companies, including those that have no structural partnerships with knowledge institutions yet. We see that there is a demand from industry, and that there is a demand from researchers. With Ostend Science Park we bring the two together: we bring researchers into practice and we bring excellent services to the companies. We are already doing this today, and with Ostend Science Park we are raising this level even further.“

Ghent University science parks

Ghent University already has two science parks in Zwijnaarde, near Ghent. Ostend Science Park is the first science park with such a unique and future-oriented focus: the blue growth.

Rik Van de Walle, rector: “I don't think anyone can offer what we have to offer here together with our partners.“


    Ostend Science Park

    Ostend Science Park is looking for partners

    Ostend Science Park is opening its doors to companies, both national or from abroad. Companies with their own research and development activities, active in the blue economy, will find the ideal breeding ground for the further development of their business thanks to the interaction with the researchers and the availability of real-life testing. infrastructure