Ghent University presents high tech research on Supernova

(21-09-2018) Supernova offers a look into the future in Antwerp from 27 to 30 September. The festival gathers professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, innovators and investors around the technologies of tomorrow.

Ghent University researchers will be present at SuperNova:

Industrial design from Kortrijk

At the TTO Flanders booth, the industrial engineers of UGent Campus Kortrijk present Matti and Ono.

Matti uses an interactive pressure mat, which uses your movements to play a game in order to increase motivation, monitor your progression and provide the therapist with the necessary insights to provide adapted therapies that lead to faster results.

Opsoro uses a modular platform for social robots to provide a new tool for cognitive therapies to therapists. The tooL offers them an open platform to create social scenarios themselves and to share these online with other colleagues. 

Indoor-positionering voor LED's

Indoor positioning has attracted a lot of attention over the past decade - not only in research, but also in commercial applications. Among other things, the retail trade and industrial production and product distribution environments could make good use of such technology. At Supernova UGent researchers demonstrate the ultimate accuracy (less than 10 cm) of Visible Light Positioning (VLP) based on LEDs. (imec Techpeditie)

Menapian pig 

For two thousand years, the Menapian pig seemed to have disappeared for eternity. To historical writings and the discovery of untouched bones the interest of some passionate pig lovers stirs. After many years of crossbreeding, experiments with food and scientific research together with Ghent University, breeder Ruben Brabant and top rider Hendrik Dierendonck bring the breed back to life. (Foodhal)