Together we stand stronger

(13-01-2022) To rule means looking forward. Emile de Girardin, French writer and politician, already knew it in the 19th century. Today is no different. If you want to know how you will end 2022, you have to make plans now. Fortunately, you are not alone!

At  TechTransfer and the Industrial Liaison Network, we are ready to push boundaries and let the academic world and the industry work closely together. Because together we jump further and create more possibilities.

So do you, as a researcher, have ideas to translate your research into new products or services? Or do you have plans as a company to bring an innovation to the market, but does this need to be further researched first? Be sure to contact us or take a look at to see how we can help and guide you as a company or as a researcher! With renewed energy, Ghent University TechTransfer and the Ghent University IOF team are looking forward to translate research into new activities, innovative products and services, and social solutions!