Urban mobility project to receive substantial EU financing

(11-10-2017) Traffic Management as a Service, an urban mobility project has been selected by EU initiative Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) to receive financing

The Traffic Management as a Service-platform is a new and revolutionary traffic centre-concept for small and medium-sized cities. The European Commission will financially support the development of the Traffic Management as a Service-project by way of the UIA for a three-year period.

Setting up a traffic centre is an important part of the City of Ghent’s latest mobility plan (Strategic Mobility Vision 2015). The Ghent Mobiliteitsbedrijf developed ‘Traffic Management as a Service’ (TMaaS.eu), which is radically different from previous traffic centres: the Traffic Management as a Service-concept is based on a fully digital and virtual platform that processes traffic data and provides real-time information to the residents of Ghent. To achieve this up-to-date flow of information the data are dealt with and distributed to the users automatically, so operators are no longer required to continuously monitor screens.

The project was selected among 206 competing European projects after a second call for initiatives s by the Urban Innovative Actions–initiative (UIA). Urban Innovative Actions is an initiative of the European Union, which provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address a variety of urban challenges.

Ghent University is an important knowledge and innovation partner in this project, represented by, the innovation cluster i-KNOW and the Network for Sustainable Mobility. They develop state-of-art processing chains for smart city data sources like smartphone data, IoT sensors and fleet management systems. This has led to the business intelligence platform MOVE for real-time processing & analysis for smart city applications. The citizen as consumer and co-creator of city services is put central in MOVE. Developed solutions have been deployed in several national and international living lab projects & governmental campaigns. MOVE supports policy-makers by giving detailed insight on sustainable mobility, citizen participation and city management.

Other partners in the project are: global leader in navigation and mapping TomTom, software company waylay, market leader in smart mobility Be-Mobile and communications agency B.Bloom.