Five Flemish universities collaborate to ensure optimal transfer of top talent to the business community

(05-05-2021) Transition from university to the labor market is crucial

Recruiting talent is one of the real sustainable competitive advantages in business. That is why the 5 Flemish universities are joining forces to optimize the transfer of PhDs to the business world. This collaboration includes two initiatives: an interuniversity job platform to facilitate the recruitment of research talent for companies and a Stakeholder Engagement Panel (SEP) to better map out the questions and needs of the business world. photo-1551836022-8b2858c9c69b.jpg

Interuniversity job platform

With the unique PhD Talents job platform on Jobteaser, companies can reach talent with a research background (PhDs, postdocs or masters with several years of work experience) from the 5 Flemish universities via one channel. With a company profile, companies and organizations can put themselves in the spotlight, even if there are no open vacancies.

Stakeholder Engagement Panel

However, the 5 Flemish universities even go one step further and want to develop a lasting relationship with the business world. Via the Stakeholder Engagement Panel, representatives from universities, companies and organizations can discuss the employability of PhDs and postdocs in the workplace. By better understanding the needs of the business world, universities can better prepare their PhD candidates and postdocs for their transfer to the external labor market and make them more employable.

By means of a short survey, companies forward talent-related topics that they want to put on the agenda of panel discussions with the 5 Flemish universities. For example, hard and soft skills that must be addressed during a doctoral process, the best way to attract researchers, whether or not to implement internships, etc. The survey also assesses the willingness to participate (from non-binding and occasionally to highly engaged) at the meetings of the Stakeholder Engagement Panel. Through this collaboration, the Flemish universities and the business community can together make a difference and lift the Flemish economy to a higher level.