Trinean becomes a part of Unchained Labs


Trinean, a spin-off of Ghent University and imec, has become part of Unchained Labs. The investment funds of two of the five major parties in the capital have come to an end. Therefore, Vesalius Biocapital and Capital-E had to search for an exit. The other shareholders were Capricorn, Baekeland Fund, Fidimec and the founders.

Trinean builds high technology biotech equipment. Its  DropSense systems measure protein, DNA and RNA concentration in biologics and genomics samples. This year, the company is expecting a turnover of 6,5 million euros. 

Unchained Labs is specialized in buying commercial businesses and developed technologies, to turn them into breakthrough products. It is headquartered near Silicon Valley in Pleasanton, California and has offices in Sunnyvale, Boston, London, and Shanghai.