Do you want to bring your idea or technology to the market? Do you dream of having your own business? Durf Ondernemen (DO!) and UGent TechTransfer will help you further.

Step 1: Submit your idea to DO! for a first screening

Durf OndernemenDO! provides guidance and advice on starting up and / or growing one's own business or activities in a secondary occupation. All guidance within DO! (coaching, electives, boot camps, etc.) is also open to PhD students, post-docs and researchers.

Step 2: Is your idea based on academic research? 

The advisers of UGent TechTransfer will help you further.


UGent TechTransfer Technology Transfer

Central office for commercial applications based on academic research

  • Scout different options: licensing, patenting, spin-off, …
  • Choose the right commercial path

  • Shape a business plan, financials, team

  • Find the right funding channels

  •  Connect with mentors and advisors

DO! Durf Ondernemen

UGent Center for Entrepreneurship

  • Identify opportunities
  • Estimate the market value of an idea
  • Get started
  • Refer to experts and partners
  • Connect with a network of entrepreneurs