Network platforms for entrepreneurs

  • Bryo: Network and support platform for starting entrepreneurs in a group (VOKA)
  • The Birdhouse: accelerator program
  • Blue Health Innovation Center: digital transformation in health care (with Microsoft)
  • Watt Factory: smart city accelerator
  • Proef: food lab
  • SportUp: sport startup accelerator
  • Co.station: coworking place for tech startups, scale ups and companies (with BNP Paribas Fortis) 
  • De Punt: growing platform for entrepreneurs 

Courses at Ghent University

Timeline of all entrepreneurial courses at Ghent University

Science to business - detection of entrepreneurial opportunities in your research (3 day workshop & 1 month online preparation)

Plunge into your business plan - summer school about entrepreneurship (4 days intensive training)

Expedition DO! - pre-acceleratie program, from business idea to business plan (7 months with intensive coaching)

H-impact - entrepreneurial program within healthcare (no prior knowledge required) (12 weeks)

Elective course Dare to Venture - from idea to business concept (12 weeks)

Elective course Dare to Start - from business concept to development of your business (12 weeks)

Health Entrepreneurship Track (with BHIC) - detection of entrepreneurial opportunities in your research within healthcare (6 times 3 hour workshop)

From PhD to SME - leadership program in a team within a Flemish SME (1 year)

TechTransfer Skills & Knowledge Transfer Skills - transfer your academic research in a business (5 days, spread over 2 months)

Postgraduate innoverend ondernemen for engineers - in-company innovation trajectory (internship) combined with a personal training program 

Permanent coaching about entrepreneurship via DO! (on appointment)

Wingspro - Innovation bootcamps for engineers