Research collaboration and Service Agreement with third parties

Research agreement

ContractPoints of attention if you wish to participate in a research project or enter into a research collaboration with either industrial or academic partners:

  • Scope of the project
  • Project management: tasks, milestones, deadlines, deliverables, …
  • Any background you want to give access to
  • Facilities, equipment
  • Financial contribution
  • Confidentiality
  • Publication
  • Reporting obligations
  • Results: ownership and exploitation

Do not forget to contact the Research Coordination Office (OC) for your budget calculation.

If you need a research agreement with either industrial or academic partners or you receive an agreement from your counterpart, please contact the legal team at  or 09/264.30.30.

Service Agreement

Points of attention if you want to render scientific services to a third party (e.g. measurements, analyses, …) that have a limited or no impact on intellectual property rights:

  • Financial compensation for the services (make sure that you include all the costs, also the institutional overhead)
  • Restricted description of deliverables

UGent has set up a standard procedure to work with SAP contracts for the rendering of scientific services: 

  • For services up to €10.000 you may use a SAP contract under the standard conditions. Please don’t forget to print the general terms and conditions for services on the backside of the invoice. For further information with regard to the invoicing process contact the financial responsible person at your department or the Helpdesk DFIN ( – 09 264 79 20). There’s no intervention from TechTransfer needed for these documents.
  • Only if the amount of the provided services exceeds €10.000 your SAP contract must be signed by the UGent Promotor and your counterpart. Please send it to TechTransfer for signature by a representative of Ghent University.
  • If you want a customized service agreement (regardless of the amount) or you receive a proposal from your counterpart, please contact the legal team at or 09/264.30.30.


Tip: in order to save time, use the UGent SAP contract and be the first to propose this to your counterpart