Students and PhD's

Standard Master Thesis Agreement

For master thesis projects in collaboration with third parties
(companies, not-for-profit organisations, …). This agreement needs to be signed by the UGent Promotor and the Director of Education of your faculty.

A Master Dissertation Agreement is not to be confused with the internship agreement (stage- overeenkomst)

Students involved in an ongoing research project

Either financed by third parties or not, make sure that the student signs the unilateral declaration of confidentiality and transfer of rights. Since UGent itself may have obligations vis-à-vis third parties and/or wish to effectively protect the research results (mainly for patenting reasons), confidentiality is key.

Make sure the declaration is signed before involving students in an ongoing research project.

Challenges for students from companies

Students work on a challenge from a company or organization, within a profession or project. Possible IP regimes that can be proposed:

These templates were created for 'Call For Challenges' from DO!
They can also offer a solution in other, similar collaborations.

If you have any questions or if you want to make changes to the declaration or agreement, please contact the legal team at or 09/264.30.30