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Knowledge Transfer Skills for Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSH & A)

Managing the economical and societal valorisation of your research. 

2th Edition: June 2020

This course has been cancelled due to the corona crisis
  • Objective:

To obtain valorisation skills on non-technical subject matter

To connect professionals in these domains all over Belgium


  • Target Audience: 

AUGent researchers of alfa faculties (social sciences, humanities and arts) with at least 3 years research experience (e.g.: post doc, ZAP)

Knowledge Transfer Skills professionals, new in the field (Valorisation managers, IDC..)

KTO’s of other universities or university colleges in Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia.


  • Participation fee: €50 (catering & speakers' costs included)
  • Location: iGent Tower, Technologiepark 126, Zwijnaarde (1st floor)
  • Programme (link to full programme):

Day 1

3 June 2020

Introduction to valorisation – examples from SSH&A
Financing: EU-funding programs, Funding programs in Flanders, UGent
Exercise: finding the right funding for a project

Day 2

4 June 2020

Unregistered intellectual property rights: copyright
Contracts for research projects: from CDA to a license agreement
Exercise: how to valorise + pitching