New IOF business development centers 2018

The Industrial Research Fund at the Ghent University Association has recently created 4 new business development centers.


Ghent University is traditionally strong in the domain of Circular Economy for different material groups – in particular in the field of creating value out of organic waste and residues Ghent University is the worldwide pioneer with a broad range of research groups working in these fields. 

The topic ‘Resource Recovery’ was recently structured under the umbrella of the Ghent University business unit “End-of-Waste” with the aim of investing in the multidisciplinary valorization pathways on waste streams and residues from agriculture, agro-industry, food industry, as well as biological waste(water)streams.

Bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of 32 driven professors and their departments around the processing and recovery of  waste streams and residues of bio-industry will lead to a strong synergetic effect on concept developments and realisations and result in commercialization initiatives at Ghent University. The added value in the field will be maximized. More specifically, the End-of-Waste business unit aims at setting up academic-industrial collaborations in the field of reprocessing organic-biological waste streams and residues into valuable chemicals, energy, materials and products which can be re-used in a range of sectors. 

Machineries & Factories

Ghent University wishes to focus on the valorisation of newly developed technologies in the fields of machine design, plant planning and logistics processes, data capture, management and analysis, virtualization and augmented reality. These areas of expertise have recently been structured under the umbrella of an IOF valorisation consortium called "Machineries & Factories" with the aim of supporting the extensive research and development activities of the AUGent in the field of the manufacturing industry and maximizing the value creation.

The connecting element between these areas of expertise is the application domain of the manufacturing industry; i.e. the production of robust and intelligent machines and the production of machines using efficient and agile factories. In addition to this globally connecting element, there are important links between the three areas of expertise that need to be further exploited. This cross-fertilization between these areas of expertise with the manufacturing industry as application focus will form the basis for the development of a technology offering with high industrial relevance.


Ghent University has a strong tradition in the development of new medical devices. Such technologies were recently structured under the umbrella of the "MedTeg" business development unit, Medical Device Technology Ghent, with the aim of focusing the many multi-disciplinary commercialisation processes in health technology. The business model provides both an internal focus (within U. of Ghent the alignment of researchers active in the field) and an external focus through a strengthening of input from patient associations and actors in the care sector (via representatives of University Hospital Ghent), alongside MedTech Flanders, and the City of Ghent. The focus is threefold: realising projects relating to the development of new medical devices, securing access to clinical experts and other stakeholders (RIZIV, doctors, patients, etc.) and mapping Ghent University expertise internationally in the field of medical devices. 

Protein Technologies

Protein Technologies integrates the expertise of several complementary Ghent University and VIB research groups on technology development in the field of protein analysis and production, focusing on proteomics, protein-protein interactions and biopharmaceuticals. The consortium includes over a 100 very skilled researchers in this rapidly evolving field. 

The working domain of the ProteinTECH consortium is to be found in the research transfer of newly developed technologies that enable new biopharmaceutical proteins to be produced and proteins and proteomes to be analysed biophysically and in terms of their functionality. The main goal of the IOF ProteinTECH consortium is to support the extensive research and development activities of Ghent University and VIB in the protein-technological and biopharmaceutical field and maximise the creation of value that arises out of them.