Electronics, Photonics and ICT

Ghent University is looking for partners or licensees in the domains of electronics, photonics and ICT.


All-Optical neuromorphic computing circuits for cell sorting and ultrafast BITstream processing
Photonic reservoir, Silicon Photonics, optical neural systems, neuromorphic computing


Method for fast hardware specialization at run-time
FPGA, cost-efficient implementation, automatic run-time reconfiguration

A Counter Architecture for Online Estimation of DVFS Profitability
Processor, energy, consumption, performance, counter architecture, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, DVFS

Method and Device for Coded Modulation
LDPC codes, precoding, mapping, labelling, fading channels, MIMO, diversity

Optofluidic chip with sheet illumination for high-contrast imaging of fluid borne micro- and nano-objects
Optofluidic, chip, sheet illumination, nanoparticle, micrometer, characterization, fluorescence, scattered light, waveguide

Self-calibrated concentration measurements of nanoparticles in solution by single particle imaging
Single particle tracking, nanoparticles, self-calibration

Photonic bio-sensors integrated in reaction tubes
Silicon nanophotonic sensors, photonic microring resonators, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), reaction tubes, biochip, bio-sensor, bio-assay

    Photonics and Electronics