The Foundry is a place where innovative and entrepreneurial ideas 'get founded'. By facilitating people to work on their ideas and by surrounding them with advice and events where they can improve their skills, we want to show them that they are capable of amazing things, if only they pursue their dreams and take action.

Design thinking is an excellent way to achieve this and to make sure your project is solving a real need in this world. It helps you to iteratively work on your idea and to receive feedback in the different stages. Design thinking is very easy to apply and can be used by anyone. The Foundry wants to spread the design thinking methodology to the wider community.

Another key element of how we work is to bring people from different backgrounds together. The strongest teams consist of people with different skill sets and characters. The Foundry is thus also a meeting point for like-minded people.

And last but not least: failing IS an option here. You can't have innovation without experiments and test! Don't be afraid to fail, it means that you're learning.